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Prem N Kapur Associates Pvt. Ltd. is one of the oldest and pioneering educational consultants for foreign study in India. We have been part of this industry for over 42 years (established in 1981), representing more than 100 famous schools, colleges and universities. We provide personalized and customized service packages to help students apply to educational institutions in the UK, Ireland U.S.A., Canada, Switzerland, Paris, Germany, Spain and Singapore to name a few.

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Ms. Mrinal K Singh

Graduated from the prestigious JNU, New Delhi and went on to do her MBA with a specialization in Services Management from the famous Wollongong University in Australia.

Mrs. Singh worked in many multinational companies such as KLM, Air France & Lufthansa before becoming an educational consultant. She set up the customer services department for one of India’s first private airlines and went on to become the youngest manager with an international airline in India.

With her personal experience of being a foreign student and her vast experience professionally, she is able to counsel students accurately to find the correct country and course to suit their aptitudes. 


Mrinal Singh has been counselling students for over 20 years and has been invited by many leading schools around India as a consultant to help and guide their students to gain admissions at leading international universities around the globe.

For personalised guidance:

Mr. Prem N. Kapur

Mr. Prem N. Kapur, FIH pioneered the business of recruiting students for foreign universities. The first was the world famous Cornell University, USA for whom we at Prem N. Kapur Associates Pvt. Ltd. conducted short courses in India in 1981. (Mr. Kapur is an alumnus of Cornell where he has delivered guest lecturers also).Mr. Kapur has visited many partner universities around the globe to be able to give first hand impressions to the students.


We at Prem N. Kapur Associates Pvt. Ltd. have close relations with the international offices of many reputed universities and they regularly visit our office to meet with potential students.Mr. Prem Kapur is a former President of ITC Welcomgroup Chain of Hotels.


For personalised guidance:

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