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Prem N Kapur Associates Pvt. Ltd. is one of the oldest and pioneering educational consultants in India helping students go for foreign study. 

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Prem N Kapur Associates Pvt. Ltd. is one of the oldest and pioneering educational consultants for foreign study in India. We have been part of this industry for over 38 years (established in 1981), representing more than 100 famous schools, colleges and universities. We provide personalized and customized service packages to help students apply to educational institutions in the UK, Ireland U.S.A., Canada, Switzerland, Paris, Germany, Spain and Singapore to name a few.



Everyone was very helpful. The response to phone calls and emails were very prompt. Mrinal ma’am and Vinita were available to clear all doubts and give valuable information. Excellent service overall. No complaints. Will highly recommend to other students… read more

Smiha Kapoor,

LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

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Why Study Abroad?

Small class individualised attention

Studying abroad, unlike the Indian system of education offers a chance to students to gain confidence and plan their independent course of study and research. Each student makes and follows his/her own study plan and as a result grasps much more than they would normally. Studying in a foreign university is not only limited to books and notes, it opens the student to a whole new world of research right from book and journal based research to film and internet study. The teachers and professors abroad treat students as mature adults and view students as their contemporaries. This encourages students to develop their own reasoning and thought process, while also learning how to think critically. Mr Prem Kapur has always said "I send boys and girls to study abroad who return as men & women.”

Earn whilst you learn

Most countries allow students to work part time while pursuing their degrees. In contras